My Pain is My Power

My Pain is My Power

This book is written from my heart. My life changed before it began at the age of 5 or 6 years old when I was raped by a friend of the family, and I wasn’t believed. This caused me to go into a shell and lose my inner voice. I was instantly overtaken with fear of what had happened to me. The damage done to me caused me to have to relearn how to walk. I continued to experience pain from an early age before I could enjoy life. This book allows me the opportunity to talk to you about being taken away from my mother and being separated from my siblings; how I endured so much pain, shame, fear, self-doubt, and a lot of confusion; dreaming of being that little girl growing up playing with Barbie dolls and one day being a model, and how that didn’t happen for me. I endured so much pain from my childhood to my adulthood. I pray my book reaches every person who is reading it and it touches you like it has touched me. I can now speak and share my story about all the pain that I endured as a child on up into my adulthood. I could not have done any of this without God. I prayed and asked God to heal me, and He did. I lost my inner voice at the age of 5 years. My Pain is My Power. I am using my voice to help and empower so many women and children like myself. I pray that you all be well and blessed and that my book touched you. God uses His weakest people and moulds us into becoming His strongest people. Even though Fear was instilled in me as a child, I choose Faith over Fear. I survived and came out the other side.

My Pain Is My Power

Authored By Tanisha Bankston


Tanisha Bankston

I am a domestic violence, sexual assault, incest, and advocate.​

My Pain is My Power is to help others not only survive but to thrive. I want to Empower, Motivate, and Inspire others. Our mission is to uplift the lost, sick, hurt, broken, and wounded to get the help they need and to begin their healing journey


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